Provider Benefits of H3C’s CCM Program

As a provider, you’ll need a CCM program that supports the care of your patients. H3C’s Maria software platform’s proprietary clinical pathways help to identify and close patient care gaps. As part of H3C’s exclusive patient-centric care plans, these clinical pathways lead to improved quality measures, better patient engagement, and higher patient satisfaction. Our commitment to patient engagement fosters a stronger connection between the patient and the provider.

H3C understands that as a provider, your time is limited. Our Maria software platform generates clinically relevant, clear and concise, encounter summary notes. No need to log into a third party system. At the end of the encounter, our care team will document this note directly into the patient’s chart in your EMR. When there is an update to the care plan, that will be documented in your EMR as well.

At H3C we have taken it a step further to support providers by assigning you a clinical RN liaison to support you throughout the duration of the program. Your liaison will be a direct point of contact to ensure your peace of mind. H3C makes chronic care management simple, yet powerful, for providers.

What’s right for you?

In-House vs. Outsourced CCM Comparison Guide

Outsourcing your Chronic Care Management program to H3C turns an ongoing expense into a revenue generator. Plus, you’ll make your patients’ lives better with more regular communication between visits.

in-house vs outsourced CCM comparison guide