How Outsourced CCM Can Unlock New Revenue for Your Organization

How to Earn More CCM Revenue

If your medical practice or clinic is struggling to hit your revenue cycle goals, you’re not alone. According to the Medical Group Management Association, 40% of medical practices did not meet their revenue goals in 2021. And things didn’t improve for hospitals and health clinics through 2022, with increasing expenses and decreased federal funding to offset losses. 

Chronic care management (CCM) services, which are reimbursed through Medicare, have provided clinics with an opportunity to increase revenue and qualify for additional federal funding. For those with an internal CCM program in place, however, many still face challenges in maintaining profitability. Why? Because a profitable CCM program requires an investment in the right infrastructure, attentive and well-trained staff, and efficient billing processes. 

An outsourced CCM program is your solution if your clinic or practice is currently battling these challenges, or if they’re the reason you haven’t implemented a program at all. 

By partnering with a trusted provider, you can streamline your operations, lighten the load for your staff and improve patient outcomes, all while maximizing revenue. Best of all, you can be up and running in just a few weeks.

Let’s explore how outsourced chronic care management can help your clinic achieve your financial goals and enhance the quality of care for your patients.

Why Outsourced CCM Is the Key to Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Goals 

CCM serves individuals on Medicare who have two or more chronic conditions. CCM is a preventative service where patients receive regular out-of-office check-ins, typically over the phone. The service helps patients take a proactive approach to their health and wellness. It also keeps them connected to their providers, which helps reduce complications and improve outcomes. 

Clinics receive reimbursements through Medicare for providing these services. Clinics that have implemented their own in-house program, however, have realized that the added strain on staff, technology and hiring costs eats away at the program’s revenue potential.

Outsourced CCM on the other hand simplifies everything:

  • No capital costs.
  • No hiring costs or human resource hours.
  • No technology, software or licensing costs.

When you choose a partner that prioritizes patient care as much as you do, you can eliminate the headaches for you and your staff while you optimize a reliable stream of income for your clinic. 

How H3C Helps You Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

To get a better idea of how an optimized outsourced CCM program can help you, let’s take a look at the ways H3C integrates with each stage of your revenue cycle.  

  • Preregistration: H3C syncs directly with your EMR to segment your eligible patient population.
  • Registration: H3C performs all registration activities to enroll people into your program, including the creation of marketing materials, welcome letters and consent documentation.   
    1. Charge Capture: H3C syncs encounter data back to your EMR and submits detailed medical billing reports to match.
    2. Claim Submission: H3C compiles your monthly billing reports with the correct billing codes. It will take just one employee 30 minutes per month to submit your claims. 
  • Insurance Follow-Up: Our current clinic partners no longer worry about roadblocks in accounts receivable. Since we compile full reports, sync to your EMR and carefully assign the correct billing codes to each service, this step typically isn’t necessary.
  • Patient Collections: Perhaps the best news of all—there are NO patient-collection activities needed on your CCM program. Your office will be reimbursed by Medicare, and H3C doesn’t get paid unless you get paid. 

H3C Delivers Major Staff-Time Wins

It will take just one employee 30 minutes per month to submit your clinic’s CCM claims.

Start Experiencing the Benefits of Outsourced CCM for Your FQHC, RHC or Private Clinic

We understand the hesitation that can come with outsourcing patient care. Could another entity have the same level of respect and care for your patients? How will H3C convincingly bridge the relationship gap between your patients and providers?   

Better patient outcomes: Our team is dedicated to helping your patients, on your terms, while adhering to your internal systems. Your patients will receive personalized monthly calls (no static scripts) from a consistent H3C care coordinator. We collaborate with your individual clinical champion, and any changes in a patient’s condition are reported to your appointed champion right away. By integrating our reporting directly into your existing EMR, your providers have the information they need in real time to have more productive office visits with their patients.

Generate more revenue: H3C enrolls 60% to 70% of your eligible patient population and turns our call center into a revenue generating engine for your clinic. This optimized cash flow has allowed clinics to invest in new patient programs, equipment, supplies and staff that benefit their healthcare teams and patient population. 

Use our interactive revenue calculator to quickly see how much you could earn with a CCM program. 

Find out how easy it is to grow your clinic’s revenue and improve patient outcomes in just six to eight weeks. (And if it’s not the right fit, you can cancel hassle-free, anytime.) 

What’s right for you?

In-House vs. Outsourced CCM Comparison Guide

Outsourcing your Chronic Care Management program to H3C turns an ongoing expense into a revenue generator. Plus, you’ll make your patients’ lives better with more regular communication between visits.

in-house vs outsourced CCM comparison guide