Patient Engagement is Key to a Successful CCM Program

Patient engagement is key to a successful CCM program. At H3C, our goal is to speak with every patient every month. That’s why H3C assigns each patient a dedicated care team that offers a familiar voice, which establishes trust, builds rapport, and strengthens the connection with the patient’s provider.

H3C’s Maria software platform helps improve patient outcomes with our exclusive goals assessments and problem-specific clinical pathways. These include symptoms analysis, which trigger intervention to help the patient achieve their health goals. This ensures that patients are being asked relevant questions identifying their changing needs. We provide each patient with their own customized patient-centered care plan and educational materials specific to their conditions.

Support also includes a dedicated inbound line for patients to use between check-ins for questions or guidance, including referral assistance and appointment coordination. At H3C we recognize that patient engagement is paramount to a successful CCM program.

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In-House vs. Outsourced CCM Comparison Guide

Outsourcing your Chronic Care Management program to H3C turns an ongoing expense into a revenue generator. Plus, you’ll make your patients’ lives better with more regular communication between visits.

in-house vs outsourced CCM comparison guide